Should you do the Everest in a helicopter?

Mountains are the most exciting thing in the entire world. The stunning landscape of the Himalayas attracts thousands of people. And nothing is better than having a luxurious flight to Everest. The Himalayas of Nepal is the ultimate home for travel enthusiasts and combined with the luxury trip, this is a very exciting journey. The Mount Everest helicopter tour is just two hours of adventure starting from Kathmandu. 


What is the Everest helicopter tour?

Everest is the tallest mountain in the world at the height of 8848m. The Everest peak is about 160km of aerial distance and 240km of road distance from Kathmandu. The base of Everest is a very renowned destination for travel enthusiasts all around the world. This helicopter tour is organized in such a way that you get to fly from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal to Mount Everest in less than two hours. The flights to Everest are organized by Everest helicopter tour operators of Nepal on a regular basis and start from the domestic terminal of the TIA. From there, the plane flies to Lukla which is a very busy domestic airport in Kathmandu. Then, depending on the group size on board, the helicopter either lands at Phakding or Kalapatthar. A private plane with less than 4 people on board lands at Kalapatthar, otherwise, it lands at Phakding for about 30 minutes. Then, the plane finally lands at Hotel Everest View for about one hour. 


Why Everest helicopter tour?

Everest is a dream to many and there are only two ways of getting to Everest, either by the helicopter flight or by the trek. Trekking to Everest demands a lot of physical strength and a lot of time for preparation. From getting permits to guides, arranging everything from accommodation to food in a land you have never been can be tricky. So, if you have limited time in Nepal, then you can easily book a helicopter flight that takes you right into the Everest region. Combined with Mountain flight, this helicopter tour not only flies over Everest but also gives you the opportunity to land at the foothills of the world's tallest mountain. Although you cannot land right at the Base camp, you can stay in Kalapatthar which is the most beautiful viewpoint of Everest.


Then there are many other landing spots such as Lukla, Namche Bazaar, Phakding, and most importantly hotel Everest View. So you spend around 2 hours in the Khumbu region, enjoying every moment of it. 


Who should do the Everest helicopter tour?

If you are traveling to Nepal with friends and family, this might a an exciting opportunity for kids and parents. Then, you can also choose a helicopter if you are in Nepal only for a short time, seminar, or other business meetings. This can also be a good opportunity for a romantic holiday for events such as an anniversary, birthday, or proposal. 


Everest helicopter tour cost

The sharing EBC helicopter tour is quite affordable, in fact, is it cheaper than trekking to Everest. The Everest helicopter tour costs $1200 for a fully organized pack with 3 landing points, one guide, first aid, and breakfast at Hotel Everest view. Mountains flight to Everest without landing costs even less i.e about $600. But as landing allows trekkers to capture pictures and videos of themselves standing before the majestic Everest, most of the trekkers prefer this alternative. 


Everest helicopter tour safe? 

Few accidents have been recorded during the EBC previously and it’s valid to be worried about your safety during the trip. Our team at Himalayan Masters is here to assure you that you will have a safe tour of the Mountains. Firstly, we make sure that the helicopters we use are new and regularly maintained. Before each flight, a thorough examination of the plane is done to assure your safety. Further, we only use experienced pilots who have been organizing continuous flights to Everest. Then, we also provide you with an experienced guide who can assist you fully in case of any emergency. We will also have another helicopter stand-by for bad times. So, you will definitely be in good hands.